Self-Image for  Women

Unleash your true self and transform your personal and professional life.

It's time to step into your potential

Self-Image for Women

Unleash your true self and transform your personal and professional life.

It's time to step into your potential

There's no doubt that you're successful.

You're a professional at juggling your responsibilities. 
You strive for perfection, ticking all the boxes, following the path laid out for you, and doing everything you 'should be doing,' yet you feel unfulfilled.

You're a professional at juggling your responsibilities. You strive for perfection, ticking all the boxes, following the path laid out for you, and doing everything you 'should be doing,' yet you feel unfulfilled.

There's more that you want to explore and achieve in your professional life, but for some reason, you can't get yourself to that next level. Something is holding you back.

That voice inside your head — you know the one — has told you that you aren't the type of person who achieves their goals. Your self-confidence has convinced you that you can't step into who you are and achieve what you want.

Your self-image is at the core of this!

Negative self-image, and the accompanying self-doubt, hold us back. How can you progress if you don't believe you are the kind of person to reach your goals?

We know that, statistically, women ask for less, expect less, and receive less in their careers than men, even if they are fully qualified.

What if you could feel 

confident, get clarity on your goals, and pursue them without fear of failure?

What if you could tap into your divine feminine power to create the future you envision for yourself? 
What if you could transform your self-image and step into your strength, fully unleashing who you are in business?

Introducing Self Image for Women

A unique program for professional women who want to elevate themselves to the next level of performance and remove what is holding them back by uncovering and breaking through their self-limiting beliefs.

It is a space where you are encouraged to open up, go deep, and discover yourself — leaving you forever transformed inside and out.

Each module in the program is presented through an intentional, holistic lens, integrating several modalities of well-being. Anisa walks hand-in-hand with you through this journey of self-discovery, helping you to explore each session deeply, feel your emerging power and discover who you can be in the workplace.

Law of attraction
Cognitive behavioural therapy
Powerful goal setting
Inner child work

Explore who you are, recognize your power and discard your limiting beliefs. And have a little fun along the way!

If you want to discover (or rediscover) your confidence

to design the future you want, you can get access to this program in three ways*:

One-on-one coaching

1 - 2 hour weekly meetings
In-person and/or online

6 week workshop

1.5-hour weekly meeting
Maximum of 10 participants


Video and workbook included
$99 one time payment

Image WORKbook

Workbook only
purchase e-bookpurchase hardcopy
*May be claimed under extended health benefits, depending on your plan

You will have access to

all of the below PLUS the weekly meetings and homework

Workbooks to enhance your learnings and help you rediscover who you are
A safe space to share with other brilliant women, just like you, with whom you can be open and fully expressed
Access to individual self-guided workshops, so you never miss a session
100% satisfaction is guaranteed when you attend all the sessions and complete the workbooks

A rediscovery of who you are awaits you…

Let’s find her!

Experience a rejuvenation of self

of who you are and what you want

You will be...

Unleashed from your limiting beliefs
Inspired by your power and potential, professionally and personally
Empowered to ask for what you want and brave enough to redirect yourself if needed
In touch with the core of your being and connected to your inner child
Overflowing with self-love for every version of yourself
Ready to transform your personal and professional life by creating the future you envision for yourself
Elevated to the next level of performance and clear on how you want to show up in the workplace

But most importantly,

you'll leave with tools that will help you to improve your well-being and regain control over your life. Tools you can use to calm your nervous system, open your creative mind, and see the possibilities in your life that you have never seen before.
  • It was a discovery of who I am. It was a rejuvenation of, or access to, who I am as a woman and what my purpose was in the world. It opened the doors for me to discover my greatness. It gave me a taste of what I can do and how anyone can be empowered by their self-work and actions toward themselves.
    Suzanna Lopez
  • Anisa is an incredible coach that is a strong developed listener. She is a safe, strong stand for others to authentically explore themselves/be themselves and be in communication with what's authentically them
    Katie Kiriakidis
  • From her hard-earned, well-educated objective unique place of help, I give Anisa a 10/10 for total competence and abilities to convey ideas, anecdotes, and the like. She is kind, sincere, and very good if not excellent at providing excellent service and she shines in every aspect under her job title. I genuinely can say I would not have recovered without her and her ressources.
    Brent Antonson

Here is what our six-week journey together looks like

week 1

Eliminate your inner critic

Week 2

Inner child work

week 3

Goal setting

week 4

Guided breathwork to tap into your subconscious automatic success mechanism

Week 5

Guided visualization of your self-image

week 6

Style yourself with your new self-image

Introducing Anisa

Anisa was stuck. Repeatedly. At work, at home, and throughout each of her goals. No matter what progress she wanted to make, she would reach a particular level and get stuck there.

Eventually, sick of herself, she examined her habits, behaviours and thoughts to identify her blocker. And she discovered that her habits, behaviours and thoughts were precisely what was holding her back.

The subconscious habits, feelings, and behaviours she repeated daily, the ones that made up her self-image, were holding her back.

Your self-image is self-inflicted. It's your own secret blueprint for life. It's made up of how you think and feel about yourself and how you behave in life. It dictates how we talk, walk, dress, how much money we make, and what careers we choose.

The good thing is that this self-image you have? You made it up. So you can change it.

And that's exactly what Anisa did. She looked internally and did the same work in this program; she transformed her self-image and, in turn, changed her life.

Now, she wants to share it with others so they can step into their leadership and do everything they want. No fluff. Just powerful and intentional steps to change cause every goal is achievable with a strong self-image.

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